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Bracket Stamping

Bracket Stamping

Since there are many electronic components in the car navigator, such as the display backplane, the fixing bracket plays the role of fixing the display backplane on the plastic case of the car navigator, and other parts of the car navigator are usually installed on the back of the display screen. But in the process of use, the internal parts are easy to hit the back of the display backplane, which affects the quality of the car's navigator. Therefore, there is a need for a fixed bracket stamping part that plays a buffer role between the display backplane and the internal components.

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Working Principle of Bracket Stamping

A stamping part of a fixed bracket, comprising a plate body, the front of the plate body is provided with a heat dissipation hole, the heat dissipation hole is arranged in the middle of the plate body, and the sidewall of the heat dissipation hole is formed by extending in a direction away from the backplate of the display screen The elastic strips are uniformly distributed along the length direction of the heat dissipation holes, the length of the elastic strips is smaller than the width of the heat dissipation holes, and the longitudinal cross-sectional shape of the elastic strips is Z-shaped.

Advantages of Bracket Stamping

By adopting the above technical solution, when the board is fixed, the Z-shaped elastic strips are set outwards. When the internal parts are about to hit the back panel of the display, the elastic strips first contact the internal parts to play a buffering role, and at the same time, the heat dissipation holes The back of the display screen plays a role in heat dissipation. At the same time, the length of the elastic strip is less than the width of the heat dissipation hole. That is, the elastic strip is formed by punching the heat dissipation hole, which saves material. Multiple elastic strips can be provided on the board, which plays a good role in buffering. The bracket stamping realizes the fixing function of the position of the display backplane, avoiding the excessive space between the heat dissipation hole and the display backplane.

Application of Bracket Stamping

Automobile parts, agricultural machinery spare parts, engineering machinery spare parts, construction machinery spare parts, garden spare parts, environmental protection machinery spare parts, ship accessories, aviation accessories, pipe fittings, hardware tools, toys parts, electronics parts, and other industries spare parts.

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