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Spline Shaft

Spline Shaft

A custom spline shaft is a kind of mechanical transmission. Similar to the role of key, semicircular key, and oblique key, custom spline shaft is the transmission of mechanical torque. The custom spline shaft has a longitudinal keyway on the surface of the custom spline shaft. The rotating parts covered on the custom spline shaft also have corresponding keyways, which can keep rotating synchronously with the custom spline shaft. At the same time of rotation, some can also be longitudinal sliding on the custom spline shaft, such as gearbox shift gear, etc. As a professional custom spline shaft supplier, KC Hardware Company has rich experience in the machining processes, which is suitable for large quantities of products.

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Types of Custom Spline Shaft

Custom spline shaft can be divided into rectangular custom spline shaft and involute custom spline shaft. Rectangular custom spline shaft is widely used, while involute custom spline shaft is used for links with large loads, high centering accuracy, and large sizes. A rectangular custom spline shaft is usually used in aircraft, automobiles, tractors, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery, and general mechanical transmission devices.  

Advantages of custom spline shaft

Because the custom spline shaft works with multiple teeth, it has a high bearing capacity, neutral and good guidance.

  • The shallow tooth root of the custom spline shaft can make its stress concentration small.

  • The shaft of custom spline shaft and hub strength is less which means the product can be more convenient and high precision.

As a professional spline shaft supplier, KC Hardware Company can provide processing service with large loads and high centering accuracy. We ensure that all the provided service of custom spline shaft is of high-quality and excellence.

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