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Torsion Spring

Torsion Spring

KC Hardware uses CNC numerical control spring equipment to produce torsion springs of various shapes. The angle of the torsion spring is controlled by the probe of the equipment. Generally, the angle tolerance of the spring can be controlled within 5 degrees. Shaped on the shaft to avoid material bending damage, which can greatly increase the fatigue life of the spring. KC can process torsion springs with a wire diameter of less than 5MM

CNC Milling Details

Applications of Torsion Springs for Sale

Torsion springs are mechanical accumulators used primarily in ancient ballista and other crossbows. Custom torsion springs are worked when the force of the torsion coil spring runs through soft material and then gains certain mechanical energy.  

The modern torsion coil spring is mostly made of flexible steel. And there are great changes in the form of torsion coil spring, such as the hairspring on the inside of the mechanical watch, the power spring in the toy gyro gun, and the torsion spring bar in the tank and car.

How to Improve the Working Life of Custom Torsion Springs

In general, the working life of a common compression spring is between 50-500 thousand times. While the service life of custom torsion spring is about 1 million times. Because custom torsion springs are usually taut, life can't be explained by a number of times alone. High-temperature acceleration tests can be used to test the service life of the custom torsion spring.

To extend the service life of torsion spring, the following two aspects need to be done:  

  • Production of torsion spring

    One of the most important and basic aspects is the need for tension springs suppliers in the production of tension springs. Through the custom torsion spring deformation heat treatment, shot peening treatment and relaxation treatment, and other processes, torsion springs for sale can achieve effective extension of service life.  

  • Usage of torsion spring

    Users can apply the custom torsion spring in an optimized way, such as avoiding excessive load and long-term contact with water and another wet environment. In order to avoid the custom torsion spring vulnerable to damage, users can do a good job in torsion spring maintenance.

How to make custom torsion springs

Custom torsion springs are relatively high-precision spring accessories.

The production of custom torsion springs with ordinary spring machines can not meet the 1800 degree processing. The general production of torsion spring at home and abroad are used in the production of universal spring machine with relatively high precision.

Universal custom torsion springs can achieve different angles of different shapes of the molding and positioning. Torsion coil spring is a more general computer numerical control universal machine and automatic production equipment as well.

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