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Compression Spring

Compression Spring

The compression spring produced by KC Hardware adopts automatic coil spring equipment controlled by Taiwan computer. The feeding accuracy of the equipment is controlled at 0.02MM. The free length of the spring is fully inspected online to ensure the spring length tolerance. The equipment has realized the continuous integrated production of forming followed by heat treatment. The processing range of the compression spring produced by KC Hardware is: line length 0.05-8.0MM spring outer diameter 0.3-120MM

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Applications of Custom Compression Spring

Custom compression spring is a kind of elastic element widely used in the mechanical and electronic industry. When the custom compression spring is loaded, it can produce large elastic deformation and convert the mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the custom compression spring disappears and returns to its original state, and the deformation energy of the compression coil spring is converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy. Here are some applications of custom compression spring.

  • Measurement function

Within the elastic limit, the elongation of the compression coil spring is proportional to the external force. A spring balance can be made if you take good advantage of this custom compression spring property.

  • Reset function  

The compression coil spring will deform under the action of external force, and after removing the external force, the spring will be able to restore its state. For example, a lot of buildings have reposition compression coil springs on the hinges of their doors. People also use this function of custom compression spring to make automatic umbrellas, automatic pencils, and other supplies. In addition, various buttons and keys are also indispensable to reset compression coil springs.

  • Drive function  

Mechanical clocks and clockwork toys are driven by a custom compression spring. When the compression spring is tightened, it produces bending deformation and stores a certain elastic potential energy.

  • The buffer function  

A compression spring is installed between the frame and the wheels of a locomotive car, and the elasticity of the standard compression spring is used to slow down the bumping of the vehicle.  

  • Voice function  

When air flows through the standard compression spring holes in harmonicas and accordions, it shocks the reeds, which vibrate to produce a sound.  

Advantages of Compression Coil Spring

Compression coil spring has a certain shock absorption ability because the compression spring of a product is not a fixed value. Every time it is used, the custom compression spring will bring a return force. To a certain extent, the force from the compression coil spring is not a fixed size. The standard compression spring has the ability to slow down the vibration. For example, racing is installed above a compression spring, you will find its speed has been greatly improved and there is no sound in the process of movement. This is the charm of compression coil spring.

As a reliable and professional compression spring manufacturer, we promise to provide high-quality products. The helical spring price is affordable for most customers compared with other compression spring suppliers.

Characteristics of Standard Compression Spring

  • The standard compression spring provides resistance to external pressure. It is usually wire coiled with equal pitch and has a fixed wire diameter.

  • The standard compression spring uses multiple open coils to provide resistance to external pressure, such as gravity against the wheel or the body against a bed mattress.

  • There are many types of compression springs, such as conical compression springs, or a combination of conical and linear compression springs.

  • The standard compression spring has diverse shapes. The circular wire of compression spring is the most commonly used. Besides, there is also square, rectangular, and special-shaped wire made of compression spring.  

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