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In cooperation with suppliers, Cailong has received unanimous praise from many customers, such as the annual outstanding enterprise evaluation certificate issued by companies such as ITW Allianz in the United States, Nidec Nidec in Japan, Wanliyang Transmission Plant, and Hico Products HAYCO. , And also received a letter of thanks from Shengrui Transmission, thanking Cailong for assisting them in the development of 8AT automotive gearboxes and obtaining the first prize of national scientific and technological progress.

In the cooperation with customers, Cailong relies on the high-quality, high-efficiency and innovative corporate philosophy to earnestly do every product and serve every customer, and finally achieved the above-mentioned achievements for all to see, and won customers in the industry. good rating. Cailong will continue to improve its operations, hoping to provide customers in various industries with more excellent services and products.

Cailong's automotive industry customers include Geely, Chery, Liuqi, Wanliyang, Landai Transmission, Shengrui Transmission, Dongan Automobile, Toyota, Japan Power Plant Dongsi, Honda, BMW.

The electronic and electrical industries include Xiaomi, Shishi, Ruishengte, Shanchuan, Xinwangda, Allianz Electric, HAYCO, LEXMARK.

Cailong serves more than 100 customers in various industries.

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