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Communication Equipment Stamping

Communication Equipment Stamping

With the rapid development in telecommunications industry in addition to innovative networking, sound and data communication products, manufacturers of wired and wireless phones, satellites, cables, internet services and communications systems require high-powered telecommute equipment that contains qualified metal stamping with high precision. Our company focuses on precision stamping parts for communication equipment. Communication-equipment stamping is to process stainless steel materials into stamping products used in communication devices. The specifications and models are processed with custom metal stamping according to customer needs.

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Application of Communication-Equipment Stamping

1. Battery Contact for Cell Phone and Satellite Radios

2. High-Frequency Contacts for Antennas and Modular Jacks

Characteristics of Communication-Equipment Stamping

Communication electronic stamping parts are one of the essential mobile phone parts, which have great features of low material consumption, lightweight, good rigidity, high dimensional accuracy. It is made in the uniformed size of the same module, to ensure good interchangeability.

Advantages of Communication-Equipment Stamping

The dimensional accuracy of stamping parts can generally be divided into two types: precision level and ordinary level. The precision level is the accuracy that can be achieved technically in the stamping process, while the ordinary level is the accuracy that can be achieved by more economical means. When the mold manufacturing accuracy is high enough, the precision stamping parts can reach ITl0 level, and the inner hole size can reach IT9 level.

As a kind of precision stamping, the dimensional accuracy of communication-equipment stamping parts of our metal stamping supplies can reach a high level of tolerance (machining precision) and a smaller variation range. Of course, the processing difficulty is raised accordingly.

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