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Electrial Terminals Stamping

Electrical Terminals Stamping

An electrical terminal is a kind of accessories product used to achieve electrical connection. It can transfer electrical current from a power supply to an electrical system. In industry, it is categorized as the category of connectors. With the degree of industrial automation becomes higher and industrial control requirements are becoming more and more strict and accurate, the consumption of electrical terminals is gradually rising. With the development of the electronic industry, the electrical terminal is used on a much larger scale with a growing variety of types. KC Hardware is one of the professional electrical stamping manufacturers that provides hardware stamping with high-quality using optimized tools and is professional in customizing precision terminals for demanding applications.

CNC Milling Details

Application of Electrical Terminal

In industrial electronics, electrical terminals are widely used in power engineering control, machinery and equipment control, automation control, intelligent security control, instrumentation, and other electrical industries. What's more, it is also used in computers, telecommunication, network communication, transportation, aerospace, medical equipment automobile industry, and other fields.

Advantages of Electrical Terminal

An electrical terminal is applied for the convenience of the wire connection, it is actually a piece of metal sealed in the plastic insulation with a hole at both ends which can be inserted into the conductor, with a screw is used to tighten or loosen. For example, two-wire needs to be connected or disconnect, at this situation you can use the terminal to complete the process instead of having to weld or twist them together. It's quick and easy. And It’s suitable for a large number of wires to interconnect. In the power industry, there is a special terminal row or terminal box, full of all types of wiring terminals. A certain area of crimping is required to ensure reliable contact and to ensure adequate current flow.

Factors of Choosing an Electrical Terminal

1. Is the wire to be connected hard or soft?

2. What is the cross-sectional area of the wire in square millimeters? (Excluding thread leather)

3. How much current and voltage does the terminal need to withstand?

4. How many holes should be used in the electrical stamping machining?

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