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Basic Knowledge of Stainless Steel Spring

Stainless steel spring is a kind of mechanical part which works by elasticity. It is usually made of spring steel. It is widely used in machines and instruments to control the movement of mechanical parts, mitigate impact or vibration, store energy, measure force, etc.

Spring is just an accumulator. It has the function of storing energy, but it can't release energy slowly. To realize the function of releasing energy slowly, it should rely on "spring + large transmission ratio mechanism", which is common in mechanical watch.

Stainless steel coil spring, one of the industrial coil springs, is a kind of elastic element widely used in mechanical and electronic industry. When the spring is loaded, it can produce large elastic deformation and convert mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After unloading, the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to its original state, and the deformation energy is converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

Generally speaking, the manufacturing materials of stainless steel spring should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance. The common material used are carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless spring steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber. The manufacturing methods of spring include cold rolling and hot rolling. The diameter of spring wire less than 8 mm is generally cold rolled, and the diameter greater than 8 mm is hot rolled. Some springs need to be pressed or shot peened after being made, which can improve the bearing capacity of the spring. The ratio of load to deformation of spring is called spring stiffness. The greater the stiffness is, the harder the spring is.

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