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The Type and Design Idea of Coil Spring

Types of coil spring

1. Compression spring is one of the most applied springs.Helical compression springs usually have round sections with constant pitch and fall into categories as cylindrically helical compression springs,non-cylinderl coil springs, non-linear feature coil springs, stranded helical wire springs and rectangular helical compression springs, while according to the technology of manufacture, they can be dividied into cold coil springs and hot coil springs

2. Multi-ring tension and compression springs can be cut into demanded length according to the circumstances. They are very suitable for trial production and maintenance, so are very popular among engineers,designers and machanics

3. Tortion coil spring is one of the extensively applied springs. Tortion springs of various specifications produced by CaiLong Spring are renowned for its stability and eminent quality.

Thinking of coil spring desogn

Coil spring, as a significant elastomer, has impact on various automobile performance, but currently most demand of design still remains on stability and spring stiffness, with no further research on the influence of the system, so we have to make it clear about the functions of the coil springs before discussing the thinking of design.

The basic function of springs is hold the bodywork, which directly influences the profile and range of motion. There is a confusion in many occasions between the function of a spring and that of a shock absorber. However, actually a spring has no damping in an ideal model, so it doesn't take part in shock absorption.

Shock absorber can absorb vibration, transform to thermal energy,and release it by thermal radiation. Though the spring has damping at some degree, which can basically be ignored by comparison to the shock absorber, its stiffness will directly influence that of the suspension frame, in turn, result in the differences of motion amplitude of vehicles.

Besides the influence on amplitude and the driving experience, the stiffness problem will actually have impact on the offset frequency of front and back suspension frames.Irrational offset frequency will resonate with body's intrinsic offset frequency, reduce the drving experience, but not definitely, everyone's offset frequency varies with their general health, in most occasions it depends on how you feel.

The stiffness of suspension frame and offset frequency are input targets decided by performance department,there is no need for product engineers to over study as acceptors, but they still have to be clear about the trend, as they probably will modify the stiffness during recalibration.

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