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What is the Difference Between Precision Stamping and Ordinary Stamping?

In industrial production, parts of various materials and shapes are needed, and the production of these parts requires stamping processing. Stamping processing is the production technology of stamping product parts with a certain shape, size and performance by using the power of conventional or special stamping equipment to directly subject the sheet to the deformation force and deform in the mold. Stamping processing can be divided into precision stamping and ordinary stamping.

1. The process of precision stamping

Precision stamping is a material processing method developed on the basis of ordinary stamping technology. It is to improve the guiding accuracy, reduce the gap between the convex and concave die, increase the reverse pressure and the V-ring blank holder and other technological measures. Under the condition of strong three-way compressive stress, the process of precision stamping or precision stamping combined with other forming processes is realized to obtain precision stamping parts.

2. The difference between precision stamping and ordinary stamping

1) Precision stamping requires high precision of stamping parts. In the process of processing and production, when stamping coils or forming, it is necessary to consider the appropriate technical matching of precision punches, molds, materials, lubricating oil, etc., and the requirements are high.

2) Ordinary stamping does not require high precision of stamping parts, but it also has its specific market needs. The thickness of the substrate is relatively thick, and there is no need for cutting, stretching and other processes, and the stamping materials are plates, pipes and so on. When the order quantity of stamping products is not large, ordinary stamping can meet the requirements.

The difference between precision stamping and ordinary stamping lies in the requirements for stamping equipment and the accuracy of stamping parts required. If the precision of stamping parts is required to be high and the quantity of stamping parts is large, precision stamping can be selected, otherwise, if the precision of stamping parts is not too high. And it is stamped by ordinary sheet metal, just choose ordinary stamping, which needs to be selected according to its own stamping characteristics.

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