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How to Reduce the Surface Roughness of Metal Stamping Parts?

Ⅰ. The rough surface of stamping parts affects the use

During the stamping process, a certain degree of roughness is formed on the surface of the stamping parts, which is very unfavorable to the normal use of the stamping parts especially precision stamping parts, and not only affects the appearance, but also affects product quality and shortens the service life of stamping parts.

Ⅱ. How to reduce the surface roughness of metal stamping parts?

1. Selection of raw materials: 

Many different raw materials are used in the stamping process. According to the density of raw materials, the choice of cutting tools and machine tools during processing is directly related to the surface roughness.

2. Cutting amount: 

In the cutting feed, the surface processing amount can be reduced accordingly.

3. Select the appropriate processing technology: 

In the production and processing of stamping parts, the processing technology is also very important, and inappropriate technology will affect the processing quality and production efficiency. Many precision stamping parts need to be roughed first and then finished to achieve the required surface finish.

4. Eliminate the influence of built-up tumors:

The processing of built-up tumors should be faster. The stamping parts with built-up tumors on the surface should not be cut, but it must be ensured that there are no built-up tumors on the surface of the tool.

5. Select tool geometry parameters: 

From the perspective of the machining tool geometry parameters, the lower deviation angle can be reduced accordingly, the tool tip arc radius can be increased, and the trimming can be sharpened if necessary to facilitate cutting and reduce surface roughness.

6. Control the vibration of the machine tool: 

You can start from reducing the friction between the tool and the punching, squeezing, making the cutting edge of the tool sharp, adding cutting fluid, and performing appropriate heat treatment on some tough punching materials.

The surface roughness of stamping parts has a very critical influence on the use of stamping products. Therefore, the factors that affect the surface roughness during the processing of stamping parts should be improved or resolved in time to maximize the performance of the processed stamping parts.

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