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The Time of Mold Design and Processing Metal Stamping Parts Will Affect the Production Cycle

The design and processing of molds for metal stamping parts manufacturers require more time, which increases the production cycle of metal stamping parts.

1. Mold design can reduce the workload of stamping parts

The standardization of mold bases, mold bases, and guides, as well as the development of simple molds (for small batch production), composite molds, multi-station progressive molds (for mass production) and the development of quick-change molds, can reduce the production workload of stamping parts.

Shorten the preparation time of stamping parts production, so that advanced precision stamping parts technology suitable for mass production can be effectively applied in small batch production.

Advanced precision stamping technology suitable for large-scale production can be reasonably applied to small-scale production and multi-variety production.

2. Pay special attention to time control when processing metal stamping parts

The stamping equipment used by precision stamping manufacturers generally uses mechanical presses, except that thick plates are formed by hydraulic presses. Conveyor belts, tool magazines, quick-change molds and other machinery are controlled by computer programs to form an automatic stamping production line with high production efficiency.

When producing dozens or hundreds of stamping parts per minute, operations such as feeding, punching, unloading, and waste discharge are completed in a short time. Personal injury, equipment damage and quality accidents are common. Therefore, the time for processing stamping parts must be strictly controlled.

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