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What is the Basis for Determining the Bending Process of Metal Stamping Parts?

1. Bending process of metal stamping parts

Metal stamping and bending is a processing method that uses dies or other tools to bend flat plates, tubes or profiles into workpieces with a certain angle or shape. It is one of the basic stamping processes and occupies a large proportion in the production of metal stamping parts; there are many types of parts formed by bending, such as car frames, bicycle handles, door and window hinges, and various electric brackets.

2. The curved shape of metal stamping parts

There are many bending shapes of metal stamping parts, including V-shaped parts, U-shaped parts, Z-shaped parts, O-shaped parts and other special-shaped parts; the bending method varies according to the equipment used and the changes of various shapes; the bending form is usually in the mechanical press (Punch), friction press or hydraulic press, in addition, there are special equipment such as bending machine, folding machine, pipe bending machine and so on.

The characteristic of bending on the press is the use of tools for linear motion, which is called press bending; on some special equipment, the bending is formed by tools for rotating motion, which is called circular bending, round roll or roller press.

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