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The Characteristics and Application Fields of High Speed Precision Stamping Technology

High-speed precision stamping technology involves many fields such as machinery, electronics, materials, optics, computers, precision testing, information networks and management technology, and is a multi-disciplinary system engineering.

1. The characteristics of high-speed precision stamping technology

High-speed precision stamping technology is an advanced manufacturing technology for modern stamping production. It combines high-speed precision press technology, high-precision variable stamping die technology, high-quality product material technology, intelligent control technology and green integrated high-tech.

The application of high-speed precision stamping technology to mass-produce products has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high quality, high consistency, energy saving and consumption reduction, saving manpower, reducing costs and ensuring safe production. Therefore, it has been paid more and more attention by various industrial production departments of the national economy.

At present, modern advanced manufacturing technology is the subject of research and development in various countries in the world. Especially in today's rapid development of market economy, high-speed precision stamping technology occupies a very important position.

2. Composition and application fields of high-speed precision stamping technology

High-speed precision stamping die technology is mainly based on the use of sheet metal to process products, and consists of three basic elements: high-speed press equipment, precision stamping dies, and high-quality coil materials. And coordinated and connected with the uncoiling device, leveling device, feeding device, material lubricating device, output device, part sorting device, and receiving device of the automatic peripheral equipment, a stamping automation production line combined according to the stamping process.

Automated high-speed precision stamping can not only greatly increase labor productivity, improve working conditions, and reduce costs, but also effectively ensure personal safety in stamping production and fundamentally change the appearance of stamping production. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of electronics, communications, automobiles, machinery, military industry, light industry, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, automation equipment and home appliances. The application in the manufacturing of stamping products such as rail transit, aerospace, and new energy is also becoming more and more extensive.

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